Earn Points for TruU Balance Store Credit

Want to get discounts on your next purchase of TruU Balance?  Here are some easy ways you can earn points for TruU Balance store credit!

Create an Account: Earn 300 points!

In order to start earning points, you first need to create an account on our website.  The good news is registering an account is free and easy – plus you will instantly earn 300 points for $3 off your next purchase!  Click here to register your account and start earning points today.

Leave a Written Review: Earn 200 points!

Do you love TruU Balance?  We want to share your story with other people who are looking for pain relief.  Write us a 500 word or less review of your experience using TruU Balance pain relief cream that we can share with our followers – and we will reward you with 200 points for $2 off your next purchase!  All you need to do is email your review to contact@truubalance.com and we will add 200 points to your account once we receive your email.