The Science Behind TruU Balance™

Our Clinical Research

A 2020 phase one clinical study was conducted to test the effectiveness of TruU Balance pain relief cream on patients suffering from debilitating chronic low back pain. A majority of patients experienced significant pain relief!

Study Participants

All 23 subjects who completed the study had previously failed surgical or other interventional pain procedures, and were prescribed opioid analgesic medication as their primary treatment modality. Despite an average opioid prescription with a mean Morphine Milligram Equivalent of 322 per day, which is equal to more than 7 tablets of Oxycodone 30mg, study participants continued to experience significant breakthrough pain.

Study Design

Each patient was instructed to apply 4 grams of TruU Balance pain relief cream to their low back every 6 hours for a total of 8 applications.

Study Results

52% of study subjects reported improved low back range of motion when TruU Balance was applied

35% of study subjects reported that they could expect to reduce opioid medication long-term if TruU Balance was available to them on a regular basis. 

55% of study subjects reported improved quality of sleep due to the effect that TruU Balance had on their low back pain. 

Download The Full Study

We put a lot of time and effort into our clinical research.  Click the PDF icon to download our phase one study to learn exactly how chronic low back pain patients responded to TruU Balance pain relief cream.

TruU Balance Vs. Other Pain Relief Topicals

Patients compared the effectiveness of TruU Balance with other topical pain relief products that they had previously used to manage their chronic low back pain. Here are the mean effectiveness scores (on a scale of 0-10) reported by patients:

What Makes TruU Balance So Effective?

TruU Balance has incredible pain relieving effects thanks to its patented “Pilot Delivery System.” The Pilot Delivery System is a unique combination of pharmaceutical “drivers” designed to effectively and rapidly deliver cannabinoids, along with lidocaine and menthol, deep into the skin. This revolutionary formulation is what makes our product so much more effective than competing pain relief topicals.

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